• Since 1920

  • Since 1920


The foundry LIVARNA TITAN, d.o.o. continues the tradition that started by the TITAN foundry many years ago. The beginning of TITAN reaches back to 1896 when a cottage industry of surface-mounted and mortised door locks and door hinges was established. The foundry was first put into operation in 1920 and the TITAN Company was incorporated in 1922. In addition, the production of pipefittings began in 1933. After World War 2, the foundry was modernised and made a substantial contribution to the society’s progress thanks to its high-quality T-fittings.

Soon after 1960 the foundry attained its present scope of casting production. In 2001 the foundry became an independent company within the business group and in recent years carried out environmental and technologic rehabilitation and restructuring of its facilities. The firm retained the existing line of products and, thanks to the most up-to-date technological processes, today turns out high-quality white tempered alloy for the manufacture of fittings as well as for custom-made castings in compliance with GTW 40, GTW 45, GTW 55 and GTW 38 W standards, featuring good welding properties. The foundry is planning to supplement its line of products with nodular alloy castings, which will additionally enhance its status as one of the suppliers of the worldwide automotive industry.

Our buyers from Central and Western Europe, where over 90% of our products are sold, confirm our quality. Thanks to an overlarge number of our products, we are expanding to new markets and consolidating our position in our traditional markets. Through a market-oriented sales strategy, we are able to adapt our products to the demands of our customers as well as nurture genuine and mutually satisfying business relationships.

The fundamental goals of the Titan foundry group are:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Development and positive growth
  • Creative co-workers
  • Healthy and safe environment


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