Our quality and adherence to standards are confirmed by a wide range of certificates.

The analytical house Bisnode carries out financial analysis of companies and has a long-standing tradition in granting credit rating certificates of excellence in 18 European countries. These certificates are given to the companies with a key advantage in doing business.

Our company LIVARNA TITAN, d.o.o has fulfilled creditworthiness criteria from 2016 to 2023, therefore it belongs to the top Slovenian companies that are allowed to use the Platinum Creditworthiness Rating as a symbol of Credit Rating Excellence. This is the highest recognition awarded by Bisnode Ab at European level.

Our quality policy you can find on below link:


Pressure test of LIVARNA TITAN fitting

Strenght comparison
Right sample is White-heart – LIVARNA TITAN
Left sample is Black-heart – COMPETITORS

White-heart malleable iron cast of Livarna Titan is much more tough than cast iron from other competitors with black heart material and also has better stress and pressure resistance.
Instead of sudden fracture, our cast iron is only slighttly deformed and keeps it’s structural strenght.